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Garrison's sword LaRouge

The Red, The Flame, The Dragon’s Tongue

Garrison Garrimond DragonsPaw’s signature sword is a masterpiece of martial engineering, weighting a staggering 18 pounds. At just under four feet long it is considered unwieldable by conventional wisdom.


Made of a yellow metal, but not gold, with twin twisted threads of silver spiral up its length in opposite directions creating a latticework that climbed to the crosspiece, the handle dazzled in the sunlight. Perpendicular flakes of polished nickel peppered the spaces between creating a brilliant scintillating effect.

The crosspiece was a singular and separate masterpiece. Looked at from above it was a golden sun, twelve points radiating out from the center. Stabbing up from its face like sprouting versions of the blade itself were four gleaming dragon’s teeth longer than a man’s hand. Each tooth super imposed with a quarter of the image of a roaring dragon’s face which created a complete image only subliminally or under intense scrutiny.

The blade itself was a series of blades, 13 in all, stacked in such a way as to give the functionality of a single blade. Spread across so many blades it could absorb an incredible amount of force making it nigh unbreakable. Multiple layers of armor were rent in every swing. More engineering went into that sword than most of the garrisons in Loria.

The outermost blades were made of steel with soft iron cores, palladium edges with a cobalt alloy. When purified, palladium ignores most arcane magic enring it the nicknames “Whisper steel” and “Mage Bane”. The inner blades were a tungsten and electrum alloy which gave them their yellow-ish hue. All three center blades were blessed wood, coated in silver and engraved with runes of dispelling, unmaking and banishment. 

This sword cut through demons, devils, vampires, ghosts and human flesh with the same surgical ease.

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