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By the Hand of Dragons:
The Dragon Blood Chalice

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Blurb for Dragon Blood Chalice

No heroes, No villains, only savages.


Nearly two years after the invasion of Loria, the reunification of the human kingdoms is complete. While WoodsGate and Loria are thriving, LonelyWood is on the verge of civil war.


After decades under the mind control of a wizard tyrant, 20,000 newly freed mages have no recollection of their time in bondage, their youth, or most of their power.


And now, they’ve gone dark. All communications have ceased.


Inside the city, young Mages have rebelled against the Archmages in the age-old clash of progress versus tradition. As the debates grow more and more heated, the Mage Most High is found dead, assassinated by one of their own.


Outside the city, a tribe of Mountain Giants has struck out on their own and set their sights on the embattled kingdom as a first major conquest.


Shefa and his Jewels decide to investigate and offer what assistance they can. Their only hope at saving LonelyWood from destruction, both within and beyond its walls, is to retrieve the Dragon Blood Chalice from a magically protected, booby-trapped dungeon.


If they return, its power can restore the mages’ memories and with it, their might.


By the Hand of Dragons: Dragon Blood Chalice is a dark, violent, adult fantasy series replete with epic battles, amazing new monsters, and graphic death scenes. This series has no heroes and no villains—only conflicting goals in a world where savagery is power.

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